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Solidarity message from Skouries to the struggle of Standing Rock #skouries #noDAPL



To the proud men and women of the Standing Rock protests,

we, the men and women of the struggle against gold mining in Skouries, Greece, convey our highest respect and our heartfelt solidarity. We stand by you in your struggle for land, water, and freedom. For years we have been fighting against the greed of corporations that would turn our primeval forests into waste dumps, drain the water from our mountains and poison our rivers, and force us to abandon our own villages. Your Energy Transfer Partners is our Eldorado Gold, and they share the same greed and the same disregard for life.

We know what it’s like to have government and corporate thugs beat you and gas you, what it’s like to face mass legal prosecution, what it’s like to face lies and propaganda designed to discredit the voice of the movements and those who stand to protect water, the environment, and life. From afar, we have watched Water Protectors stand against pepper spray, attack dogs, and rubber bullets. We have watched you fight propaganda with the truth and prosecutions with solidarity. We know the weapons that greedy corporations have raised against us and our struggle for life. But, through the years, we have also known solidarity, we have felt the pride and dignity of standing alongside honest people from all over our country and the rest of the world in the common fight.

When a massive wave of legal prosecutions was first unleashed in order to intimidate our movement, the call was raised all over Greece: «Nobody stands alone!». Now, we extend the call to you: Water Protectors of Standing Rock, you don’t stand alone! Know that your struggle for land and dignity is our struggle as well.

#skouries #noDAPL #StandWithStandingRock

Our respect and solidarity,
Struggle Committees of Thessaloniki and Halkidiki against gold mining



  1. Great to see this powerful message of solidarity in English as well as Greek.

    Is the Skouries committee aware of the Native American youth at Standing Rock? A delegation of Lakota youth ran hundreds of kilometres to Standing Rock and arrived last week. They joined the Water Protectors and have led some of the peaceful actions there recently. There are also indigenous youth at Standing Rock with relatives, as well as the Lakota* youth delegation.

    Perhaps the solidarity message heading could be amended to acknowledge the youth Water Protectors as well as men and women?

    *Lakota are one of the tribes in the Sioux Nation.

  2. UNITY, is beautiful, This is our CREATORS plan to UNITE his people of thy EARTH in UNITY ,LOVE AND PEACE, AGAINST TYRANNY.


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