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Naomi Klein filming a documentary on the Skouries mining conflict


“Greeks live the Shock Doctrine” said the famous Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein speaking at the b-fest in Athens on May 25 (video of her speech here). She then moved on to Halkidiki in order to get acquainted with the growing popular movement against gold and copper mining in the region. See below an interview that she gave to TV show “New Folders”,  where she speaks of the economic crisis, the Shock Doctrine, the deterioration of democracy in Greece and Skouries.

Klein originally intended to include the Skouries conflict in a documentary on the link between financial shock and ecological degradation. She became particularly interested in the open letter of the women of Halkidiki, written after the police night raid in Ierissos in April, in order to arrest two suspects for an arson attack at Eldorado Gold’s worksite at Skouries. She then decided to turn the focus of the documentary at Eldorado’s mining project at Skouries and the resistance movement against it (*).

For a whole week, Klein has been touring the villages and mine sites of northern Halkidiki, speaking to women, farmers, beekeepers and stock breeders. She also visited the company’s facilities in Stratoni and the courthouse in Polygyros where a resident of Ierissos arrested for participating at an anti-mining demonstration was to be put on trial. 

Yesterday, June 2, Naomi Klein and her filming crew joined several hundred local people who visited the Skouries forest to demonstrate against Eldorado Gold that is illegally cutting parts of the forest, under police protection. Once again, demonstrators found the public forest road blocked by police forces. Although the “Hellenic Mining Watch” and local anti-gold mining committees and have repeatedly asked competent authorities to present the permits issued for these works (document here, in greek), authorities have until today not responded. In the absence of valid permits, the president of HMW, Tolis Papageorgiou, local MP Katerina Igglezi and other committee members have accused the police of illegally blocking the road. Video here, in greek. Klein’s crew was also filming the scene.

(*) Information from this article by newspaper “Eleftherotypia”.


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